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Amazing facts:

I edit scifi/fantasy books at Angry Robot. I’m also the general “stuff guy” at Repeater. (Technically I’m the Managing Editor, but “stuff guy” captures it better.)

My book Praise of Motherhood was released in 2012 by Zero Books. (Here’s a nice review of it.)

There’s also a very obnoxious collection of experimental fiction from me out there called What Precision, Such Restraint. I’ll be honest, only a few people liked it.

I used to be one of the team running Zero Books, but we all left to form Repeater in 2014. I no longer have any involvement with Zero. I also founded and ran Perfect Edge, which I am no longer involved with, because the parent company is terrible.

My story “Mind and Soldier” was featured in Chuck Palahniuk’s anthology, Burnt Tongues, out through Medallion Press.

My long essay on the infamous creative writing teacher and novelist, John Gardner, is available from Punctum Books.

I run a weird music project called Paris and the Hiltons. I go from genre to genre with different musicians. A number of our releases are musical responses to works of literary modernism.

Other stuff:

  • I did the translation of “Morreste-me” by José Luís Peixoto — in The Warwick Review, December 2010.
  • I have written some book reviews for Review 31.
  • Here’s an interview where I answer a question with “Your mother.”

You can find some of my articles on LitReactor here:


  1. I just read your piece on ON MORAL FICTION at Neglected Books. I don’t quite agree with your conclusions (e.g., that it is sloppy writing), but I liked the essay overall. As you may guess, I am a Gardner fan and OMF is one of my favorite books of all time. I would like to reprint your essay in full at my website. May I do so?

    1. Hi Pat, if by “Neglected Books” you mean the LitReactor column from a year or two ago, I think you’d have to ask the LitReactor site itself (I’m not much involved with it nowadays). However, a much longer piece was published both as PDF and paperback by Punctum last year and I believe you would be able to read it and share it around quite freely given their copyright terms. (It’s free to read as a PDF anyway, here: http://punctumbooks.com/titles/john-gardner-a-tiny-eulogy/)
      I’m a fan of On Moral Fiction and the “sloppy writing” comment doesn’t quite reflect my feelings as well as I’d like it to. I’m happy for you to quote from the Punctum piece liberally, and it’s one of the reasons I was pleased to publish it with them.

  2. Hi Phil,

    How can I get in touch with you? (Am I selectively blind or is there no ‘contact me’ on this blog?) I’m living in London, about to embark on a PhD, and share many of your interests in philosophy, politics, and psychoanalysis. I’d love to chat with you and, if you’re currently running any reading groups or some-such thing, get involved.


    1. Hi Jordan,
      Can you believe I’ve had this blog for a couple of years now and never even realized there was no way for people to contact me? And I was complaining about how hard it is to find readers a week ago.
      By the time you see this response, there should be a “contact me” page on the site… do get in touch.

  3. Hlo siir
    \ I am Arsh from India…student of M.A ,want to read ypur translation of morreste-me. I tried to search on internet but did not get .Could you plz send me yours translation of this book….

    Thank you so much…!

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