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Caleb J Ross has been published widely, both online and in print. He is the author of Charactered Pieces: stories, Stranger Will: a novel, I Didn’t Mean to Be Kevin: a novel, Murmurs: Gathered Stories Vol. One, and As a Machine and Parts.Visit his official page at www.calebjross.com, his Twitter feed at calebjross.com/twitter, his Facebook at calebjross.com/facebook and his Google at calebjross.com/Google.

Just tell a goddamn story

Another writing post from the indefatigable Caleb J. Ross… — PJ Just Tell a Goddamn Story It’s been my experience that new and veteran writers alike would often do well to circumnavigate classically learned fiction processes entirely and instead focus on one universally important guideline: tell a goddamn story. By graduation, any university-trained fiction writer…