Burnt Tongues: Edited by Chuck Palahniuk, featuring me

Years ago —  before the world began, in fact — I was writing a novel which I hope to finish at some point. Well, a novel I hope to rewrite entirely and change into a book that reflects who I am now.

But a chapter from that novel, a chapter which eventually became a stand-alone story, was selected, also years ago, to be part of an anthology of stories edited by Mr Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk. Then, for a few ongoingly frustrating reasons, the project stalled.

Huge credit should go to Richard Thomas, an author and, nowadays, a friend of mine whose publication credits intimidates me (he’s been published everywhere), for having managed to get the project going again last year. Medallion Press will be releasing the book in 2014.

Palahniuk’s introduction should help get some readers. I imagine many of the other stories are at least pretty good, although it’s been so long since I was in contact with most of them that I don’t really remember. It’s really been ages since this whole thing began.

For perspective: I began the novel from which my story emerged when I was in high school. By the time the story was picked for the anthology, I was at least a couple of years through college.

I now have a masters and am halfway through a PhD, and I took a year off. That’s how long this story’s gone on for.

I’m pleased to say, by the way, that if you look at the table of contents, you’ll find my friend Brandon Tietz’s name. He’s one of the authors my Perfect Edge is publishing. Fate.


Introduction by Chuck Palahniuk

Live This Down by Neil Krolicki
Charlie by Chris Lewis Carter
Paper by Gayle Towell
Mating Calls by Tony Liebhard
Melody by Michael De Vito, Jr.
F For Fake by Tyler Jones
Mind and Soldier by Phil Jourdan
Ingredients by Richard Lemmer
The Line Forms on the Right by Amanda Gowin
A Vodka Kind of Girl by Matt Egan
Gasoline by Fred Venturini
Dietary by Brandon Tietz
Invisible Graffiti by Adam Skorupskas
Bike by Bryan Howie
Heavier Petting by Brien Piechos
Engines, O-Rings, and Astronauts by Jason M. Fylan
Lemming by Terence James Eeles
The Routine by Keith Buie
Survived by Gus Moreno
Zombie Whorehouse by Daniel W. Broallt



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