“My boyfriend is gay” is a song that knows it’s a cliche

Here we have it, then, another song confused about which team it bats for: the open-minded “let’s laugh at things because we’re all one!” community, or the basically regressive and unaware of it group.

This time it’s the obliviously see-through title “My Boyfriend is Gay” and it’s by Hailey Rowe.

Not much to say about it, except: note how the lyrics subtly play off the expectations of the LOL-typing 20-something ideal listener. Like “gay” is something you should just be able to “see through”:

My boyfriend is gay
I know it sounds cliché
That everybody saw right through this guy but me
My boyfriend is gay
Should’ve known by the way
He tivoed every episode of RHOC
My boyfriend is gay
He was really such a great guy, but I saw him with another guy
His favorite color was turquoise and he always drank chocolatinis through a straw
My boyfriend is gay
I didn’t really mean to spy, but I saw him with another guy
You should’ve seen his place and he cried more than me at every chick flick that we saw
(say) la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Rely on cliches about gay dudes? Check.

Bring in the whole “cheating” thing so that it kind of sounds like a casual pop breakup song? Check.

Acknowledge the lack of originality of your song in its very lyrics? Check.

I’m a straight guy in his twenties, and I’m very bored with the things that I’d be sure to love.

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